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Cpd Reports - Carmel Police warn about scammers

Carmel Police Department - several fraud reports

Post Date:09/18/2017


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Date:                 October 3rd, 2017

Contact:          Lt. Joe Bickel   317-571-2500
Release:          Immediate


Carmel Police warn about scammers


Recently, the Carmel Police Department has taken several fraud reports regarding a previously circulated telephone scam.  The scammer called victims and represented himself as a police officer or sheriff’s deputy and advised them that they failed to show up for jury duty.  Subsequently, the victims were told that they were required to pay a fine or a warrant would be issued for their arrest.  These victims were also told to purchase Green Dot MoneyPak, iTunes or Visa gift cards for several thousands of dollars to rectify the issue.


If someone contacts you about missing jury duty or speaks of other situations where you are requested to purchase money cards to pay a fine, pay for services, or pay a late fee, etc., hang up and call your local police department to report the incident. 


The Carmel Police would also like to warn citizens not to give out personal information or send money to unknown or unreliable sources.  Scammers tend to prey upon the elderly, but these crimes can impact all ages.  

Please take a few extra minutes to talk to family members and friends about how to avoid being a victim of this scam.  If you need to speak to an officer or report a possible scam, you may call 317-571-2580.




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