Alarm Permits

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City of Carmel Code Section 4-72 requires any audible, mechanical or electrical signal from a home or business detection system within the city limits to be registered with the Carmel Police Department. The cost is a one-time fee of $10.00 per residence/business. Review the City Ordinance on Alarm Permits. For more information, email or call 317-571-2520. 


If you have received a citation from the police instructing you to obtain an alarm permit, we suggest you contact our office directly at 317-571-2520 or by emailing Citations typically have a time restriction.

Applications Instructions -
Procedure Synopsis [PDF]

If you are located within the Carmel City limits and need an alarm permit, the following steps need to be followed prior to the operation of your system.

  • Fill out the Application for Alarm Permit [PDF] completely and then print the form. The Ordinance requires the names and telephone numbers of at least two persons who will respond to the alarm site within 30 minutes when notified by Carmel Police Department. These persons MUST have access to the premises and be able to deactivate the alarm. It is recommended that the list should include more than two people.
  • The application, payment for application (Include a money order or check for $10.00 - no cash - made payable to: Carmel Police Department) and a self-addressed, stamped envelope should be mailed to:
    Carmel Police Department / Alarm Permits
    3 Civic Square
    Carmel, Indiana 46032
  • Once the Alarm Permitting Office receives and processes your application, a copy of your application along with a receipt for payment and an alarm permit sticker will be returned to you in your self-addressed envelope.
  • You may also drop of the application and payment for the application in the form of exact cash, credit, debit card or check, to the Carmel Police Department / Records Division,
    Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm.

Displaying the Permit -

Place the permit on the inside of the building near an entrance. The permit should be visible to approaching emergency response personnel. Apply the permit, which is sticky on the printed side, to a glass surface, e.g., the glass in the door or a window nearby. If you have a dark color window covering or door, please place a white covering on the backside of the permit sticker so the permit number is visible from the outside.

If your location has an existing alarm system that has been previously registered with the City, then a Change of Information Form [PDF] is the only form needed. Complete, print and mail the form to:

Carmel Police Department / Alarm Permits
 3 Civic Square
Carmel, Indiana 46032

or fax to 317-571-2507 or email