Transparecy and Accountability

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City of Carmel Transparecy and Accountability

The City of Carmel takes very seriously its responsibility to be tranparent and accountable regarding the business of the City. There are many ways that residents, businesses and others who may want to gather more informaiton about upcoming, current or former projects and initiatives may access documents, video recordings, renderings or other materials that may be available.

Below are links to some of the more requested access points on Carmel's website:

City of Carmel Public Documents:

Please click here to access Carmel Public Documents

City of Carmel Government Meeting Videos:

Video Archieves of Government Meetings

Board of Public Works (BPW)

Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)

Carmel City Council

Carmel Clay Plan Commission

Carmel Redevelopment Commission (CRC)

Carmel Government Cable Channel:

Link to live feed from Carmel Government Cable Channel broadcast

Available on Spectrum cable station #340

Available on AT&T U-verse - directions below

Hit "99" on your remote control. I assume you want to go to the Local Government, Education, and Public Access Channel. When you get to the blue screen that says "Government, Education, and Public TV", hit "OK" on your remote. When you get to the list of local cities, scroll down or up, and then chose your city. Then hit "OK".

Scroll down to the smaller box that has the city name, and then hit "OK". To reverse what you have done just keep hitting the "Back" button. I hope I have been clear with my directions.