Mayor's Advisory Commission on Human Relations

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Mayor's Advisory Commission on Human Relations

Commission meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of the 2nd month of a calendar quarter at 4:00 p.m. in the Mayor’s Conference Room.

The Mayor’s Advisory Commission on Human Relations was formed in November of 2009 to advise the Mayor and recommend ways to better recognize the contributions of all Carmel residents to our great quality of life and identify any obstacles that may prevent full citizen participation in all of our City’s civic, and other, activities.

The mission of the Commission is to advise the Mayor on ways to better recognize and appreciate the contributions of our citizens of all races and ancestries, and to identify any obstacles that may prevent full citizen participation in all civic and other activities taking place within Carmel’s corporate boundaries. The Commission serves as a forum for citizens to informally raise and discuss situations in our community that involve possible prejudice, intolerance or bigotry that adversely affects the public welfare. The Commission will advise the Mayor of any current policy, procedure or practice followed by our city’s public safety or other personnel that it feels hampers a showing of mutual respect and understanding by and between municipal employees and Carmel residents, or a lack of sensitivity to civic rights issues.

Statement Regarding RFRA

Statement Regarding BZA Request by Al-Salam Foundation


(The Commission consists of up to nine members appointed by the Mayor)

Raju Chinthala
Term Expires 12/31/2018

Dee Thornton
Term Expires 12/31/2019

Ryan Newman
Term Expires 12/31/2019

Michael Wallack
Term Expires 12/31/2019

Ashhar Madni
Term Expires 12/31/2018

Natalia Rekhter
Term expires 12/31/2018

Claudia White
Term expires 12/31/2018

Jim Barlow, Police Chief
Term Expires 12/31/2019

Barb Lamb
Term Expires 12/31/2019

If you have a question or concern, you may contact the Commission at


Sharon Kibbe
Office of the Mayor
One Civic Square
Carmel, Indiana 46032
317-571-2410 (fax)