Web Linking Statement / Policy

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Web Linking Statement

This statement describes the terms for linking to and from the City of Carmel, Indiana website. City of Carmel, Indiana reserves the right to update the Web Linking Statement at anytime without prior notice to you, so please check this document periodically for changes.

Links from City of Carmel, Indiana

Some links will allow you to leave City of Carmel, Indiana. Please be aware that the Internet sites available through these links, and the materials that you may find there, are not under the control of the City of Carmel, Indiana. Therefore, City of Carmel, Indiana cannot and does not make any representation to you about these sites or the materials available there. The fact that the City has made these links available to you is not an endorsement or recommendation to you by the City of any of these sites or any material found there. The City is providing these links only as a convenience to you.

Links may be made to websites for:

a non-profit charitable, educational, hospital, scientific or cultural organization serving the City of Carmel, Indiana, Hamilton County area.
a state, local or federal governmental agency, or local school or library board.
an organization that receives direct financial support from the City.
a unique online tool to assist residents in accessing information on the site or in communicating with each other
Links shall NOT be made to sites that are associated with, sponsored by or serving a candidate for elected office, any political party or organization supporting or seeking to defeat any candidate for elective office or ballot proposal.

City of Carmel, Indiana reserves the right to deny or remove links at its sole discretion at any time without notice.

Linking to City of Carmel, Indiana

Unless you are subsequently advised otherwise by City of Carmel, Indiana, you are granted permission to create hyperlinks to the content on this web site, provided that the link accurately describes the content as it appears on the site. However, our site organization, page titles, and URL's may change at any time. City of Carmel, Indiana cannot be responsible for notification of these changes. The City of Carmel, Indiana reserves the right to revoke this permission, or access to specific links, at any time, and may discontinue links due to content management practices.

Each page within the Web site must be displayed in full, without any accompanying frame, border, margin, design, branding, trademark, advertising or promotional materials not originally displayed on the page within the site.

Please contact City of Carmel, Indiana if you are interested in copying or using any of our images, logos, or official seals for your own use. The City of Carmel reserve the right to allow or deny use of it's images, logos, or official seals at their discretion.