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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • What is the proper way to discharge my swimming pool?

  • What is the proper way to discharge my sump pump and/or other private drains?

  • My basement flooded. Is the City responsible?

  • Does the City maintain detention/ retention ponds within subdivisions?

  • What is a regulated drain or a regulated subdivision?

  • Will the City remove debris from the creek?

  • My property is on a creek/ lake/ pond and the bank is eroding. Who is responsible for fixing this?

  • I have a drainage problem on my property. Will the City fix this?

  • Our neighborhood needs another stop sign. What is the process?

  • My neighborhood wants to have speed humps installed. What is the process?

  • I want to make improvements to my driveway. What are the City’s standards, and does this require City approval?

  • My neighborhood wants streetlights. What are our options?

  • Do I need a permit to work within the City’s Right-of-Way?

  • What is a Consent to Encroach Agreement, and when do I need one?

  • What is an easement?

  • The sidewalk in front of my home is cracked/ crumbling/ uneven, who is responsible for repairing this?