Employee Bulletin Board

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City of Carmel Employee Bulletin Board

The City has created an Employee Bulletin Board on which City e-mail users may post items of general interest. An employee will be held responsible for all postings he or she places on the Bulletin Board. Inappropriate postings may subject the employee to disciplinary and/or legal action.

Any employee may use the Bulletin Board to advertise: items for sale or items the employee wishes to give away; items the employee wishes to buy, rent or borrow; services or products the employee is able to provide; upcoming events (fundraisers, garage sales, etc), or; other information the employee believes would be helpful to co-workers.

An employee may not post items on behalf of others (with the exception of co-workers who do not have computers). The employee must have personal knowledge of every item he or she posts, and must be able to vouch for the quality and integrity of any products and services offered. Every posting must be factual and verifiable.

All of the City’s rules regarding e-mail and internet use apply to the Bulletin Board, except that postings need not be work-related. Firearms and other weapons may not be advertised on the Bulletin Board. Other unacceptable uses of the Bulletin Board include, but are not limited to: criticism of individuals or policies; general gripes or complaints; commercial advertisements for non-employee businesses or products; chain e-mails, urban legends, pleas for assistance, inspirational stories or other material that is spread through the internet and that cannot be personally verified; items of questionable taste, including, but not limited to, items that contain profanity, sexually suggestive or explicit messages, hate messages, messages that harass, belittle or cast others in an unfavorable light and messages that could be embarrassing to co-workers or to the City.

If in doubt, don’t. Inappropriate or objectionable items will be removed immediately, at the sole discretion of the Mayor, the City Attorney or the Director of Human Resources, and may subject the sender to disciplinary and/or legal action.


If you are an Employee of the City of Carmel - here are the instructions to access the Employee Bulletin Board

On your employee work computer go to Microsoft Outlook select Go at the top of the screen and then select the Folder List in the drop down menu to view a list all folders. Find the folder titled Public Folders and click on the + box to expand. Then click on the + box to expand All Public Folders. Once you find the Employee Bulletin Board double click on the folder to open and view.
Please see details above on what types of bulletins are acceptable.