Merchant Parking Permit Program

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Carmel Arts & Design District

A Merchant Parking Permit Application is to be submitted in order to obtain a Merchant Parking Permit to be used to park in the 3 hour parking lots within the Carmel Arts & Design District. This program started on July 1, 2009 and replaced any prior parking permit programs for this district.
  1. Owners/Managers of each business are responsible for completing the Merchant Parking Permit application and submitting it to the Carmel Police Department. This can be done electronically utilizing the Application link. The Carmel Police Department will notify the owner/manager of each business when the application has been processed and the permit(s) issued.
  2. Permits will only be issued to individuals that have a valid driver’s license. Only one (1) permit will be issued per individual and is to be used in any vehicle operated by the individual.
  3. Permits expire annually on June 30. It is each merchant’s responsibility to renew the permit(s) each year. Merchants are required to submit an updated application each year for renewing the permit(s). Expired permits are not valid and any vehicle displaying an expired permit will be ticketed and/or towed. Fraudulent use of the permit will result in the towing of the vehicle, fines, and/or arrest.
  4. Merchants must submit a separate application for additional permits and for replacing lost or stolen permits. Merchants are responsible for the permits and their replacements, ensuring that all issued permits are accounted for.
  5. Permits will remain the property of the City of Carmel. Upon termination of an individual’s employment, merchants will be responsible for returning the permit to the Carmel Police Department.
  6. Permits are not transferable from one driver/employee to another. Improper or fraudulent use of the permits could result in a citation being issued and/or the vehicle being towed.
  7. Exempt Parking: Merchant Parking Permits are to be used to park in the 3 hour parking lots within the Carmel Arts and Design District. See map (below) of designated parking lots for merchant permits highlighted in yellow. These Exempt Parking Lots are marked with black Arts and Design District parking signs.
  8. Non-Exempt Parking: The Merchant Parking Permits will not exempt the permit holder when parking in a 3 hour or 15 minute parking space/spot. These 3 hour parking spaces/spots are street parking spots identified by a green parking sign.
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Merchants Parking Map

Questions may be directed to
the Carmel Police Department Records Division (317) 571-2520
8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Monday - Friday