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City of Carmel Utilities

Current Water & Sewer Rates / Fees

2018 Water Fees

Water Rates and Fees and Current Sewer Rates and Fees

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Residential & Irrigation Water Rate Structure

The residential and irrigation water rate structure fairly and equitably allocates the cost of service to all users. The City of Carmel has a tiered rate structure which is to encourage water use efficiency. In the past water rates on a per gallon basis went down the more water you used. Under the inclining rate structure after the first 8,000 gallons per month the water rate goes up on a per gallon basis. This rate structure enables people who manage their water use efficiently to lessen the cost of their monthly water bill.

For more information about the residential and irrigation rate structure refer to:


Payments are due at the Carmel Utilities office on the due date printed on the bill. Payments can be by check, money order, or cash. Be sure to write your account number on checks or money orders. Carmel Utilities charges a fee for checks returned for nonpayment / insufficient funds fee.

Customers can pay in the following ways:

  • Mail the payment and return stub in the envelope provided to the Carmel Utilities office. Allow sufficient postal delivery time as your account will be assessed penalties if it is not received in our offices by the due date.
  • Bring your payment and return stub to the Carmel Utilities offices during normal business hours.
  • Drop your enveloped payment and return stub in one of our depositories.


  • Minimum Charge - The basis of this charge is the size of the meter that serves the customer’s premises.
  • Current Usage - The amount of water the customer consumes in a billing period.
  • Summer Sewer Relief - The customer is billed for sewer usage in the months of May through October based on their average usage for the previous months November through April. This is to adjust for the volume of water measured through the water meter but used on lawns and other areas external to the service address and not passing through the sewer lines to be processed.
  • New Customer Fee - There is a one time service fee for new accounts of $20. Each customer’s water meter will be read before the issuance of a monthly bill.
  • Estimates - Occasionally bills must be estimated when a meter is inaccessible usually due to extreme weather conditions. Carmel Utilities only estimates bills when unable to obtain readings. If access to the meter pit is blocked by plantings or structures of any kind, the readings may be estimated until the obstruction is removed.


Occasionally bills must be estimated when a meter is inaccessible usually due to extreme weather conditions. Carmel Utilities estimates bills only when unable to obtain readings. If plantings or structures of any kind block access to the meter pit, the readings may be estimated until the obstruction is removed.

Delinquent Notice

A disconnect (delinquent) notice will be sent to any account with an outstanding balance over 45 days. This notice is a final reminder prior to termination of service. Should you receive such a notice be sure to contact our offices immediately to verify our records if you have made payment. If payment is not received by the due date on this notice, your water service will be terminated and you will be charged a service fee.

Should disconnection occur, the fee for the disconnection process is applied to the account prior to utility representatives entering the field. This disconnect fee is not a reconnection fee. If disconnected, the amount owed on the account must be made current before service will be restored. Only utility representatives may restore water service in the event of disconnection. Service can be restored for no additional fee between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm. Service restored after 5:00pm is subject to an after hours fee of $75.00. Service will not be restored after 9:00pm. Should service be restored by someone other than authorized utility personnel, the $75.00 after hours fee will be applied to the account, and the meter will either be padlocked or removed. If locks are removed from water meters, additional fees apply as well as possible charges for destruction of City property.

Availability & Connection

Availability and connection fees may vary by location.
Please contact Lisa Kempa at (317) 571-2267 for more information.

High Usage

Leaks or malfunctions in toilets, water softeners, faucets, ice makers, humidifiers, and lawn sprinklers cause high usage. To test for leaks, read your meter before going to bed and again in the morning before using any water. If the meter’s reading has changed and no water was knowingly used, a problem may exit. Toilets are most often the cause.

Check to see if water is running into the tank overflow; if it is, there is a problem. If not, add food color to the tank and check the bowl an hour later. If the dye has seeped into the bowl or is not visible in the tank, a leak exists. If the problem continues, or you cannot find the leak, consult a qualified person to make the necessary repairs. Carmel Utilities is not responsible for any plumbing from the water meter to the service address.

Information about leak detection

Meter Pit/Service Lines

Residential customers: The property owner owns the meter pit and service lines to the residence. Carmel Water Utilities is responsible for water service lines from the water main to the meter pit. The meter pit, lid, and casting are the homeowner's responsibility. All plumbing from the meter pit to the home is the responsibility of the homeowner, including any house side valves and meter yoke. All repairs to the house side plumbing and any associated costs are the homeowner's responsibility. If there is a curb stop, all plumbing past the curb stop is the responsibility of the homeowner. All repairs and associated costs after the curb stop are the homeowner's responsibility. Carmel Utilities maintains ownership of the meter and any radio equipment.

From time to time you may receive notice from us of a need to provide a service repair to the meter pit. Usually this is a request to keep grass or any other matter from covering or interfering with the meter pit lid or a request to replace damaged parts. Your response within 30 days of the date of the notice is needed in order to have accurate readings of your water meter. At no time should planting or structure be placed on the meter pit.

If you still have a question about your Water Bill Please call (317) 571-2442.

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