Utilities FAQ

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • My payments are drafted from my checking account. How do I change to a new checking account?

  • Can I pay with a credit card?

  • I changed my pin, but now have forgotten it.

  • What is my balance?

  • Why is my usage so high, our habits have not changed?

  • I have a soggy area in my yard, is this a sign of a leak?

  • My meter pit is full of water, do I have a leak?

  • What is summer sewer relief and when does it start?

  • Why can’t the date my bill is due be changed?

  • How far in advance to do I need to notify the utility of a new service request or service cancellation?

  • The balance on my bill went up this month, why?

  • What is the address to mail my payment?

  • I received two bills on the same day, why are they different amounts?

  • I don’t like the color of the fire hydrant in my yard, can I paint it to blend in with the surroundings?

  • What is the water hardness?

  • What is the water pressure in Carmel?

  • Why don't I have any hot water?

  • What does the trash program consist of?

  • What will the program cost me?

  • Will there be a fuel surcharge or some other way where the price can be raised?

  • Are apartment buildings and commercial businesses eligible?

  • Will there be smaller containers available for those who desire them?

  • Will I have to pay an extra fee for the rental of the container?

  • Do I have to recycle?

  • What can be recycled?

  • Will the trash trucks be the automated?

  • How will complaints be handled?

  • Will I be able to suspend trash service when I am away from home?

  • What if I am physically unable to wheel my carts to the curb?