Ordinance Violation Deferral Program

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If you received a ticket for an ordinance violation, you may be eligible for the City of Carmel Ordinance Violation Deferral Program. Successful completion of this program will result in a dismissal of the ordinance violation for which you were ticketed.

  • The following is a summary of the Ordinance Violation Deferral Program:
  • Entry into this program is completely voluntary.
  • You must pay a deferral program fee in lieu of paying your ticket.
  • You must agree, in writing and under oath, to all the terms of your deferral agreement.
  • To be eligible for the program, you must have had no convictions, diversions or deferrals within the past twelve (12) months and no charges pending against you in any jurisdiction.
  • To be considered for this program, you must contact the City’s deferral program coordinator at 317-571-2775 no later than ten days (10) calendar days before the date of your initial court appearance indicated at the bottom your ticket.
  • If you enter the deferral program, you must provide a cashier’s check or money order for all applicable fees, along with all properly executed documents, to the deferral program coordinator no later than the deadline given by the deferral coordinator.
  • The final decision on your eligibility for this program rests with City of Carmel Corporation Counsel. Neither the Carmel Police Department, nor the officer who wrote the ticket, can determine your eligibility or establish terms for the program.

Complete terms and conditions may be obtained by contacting the City’s deferral program coordinator at 317-571-2775.

Note: Violations of State Statute are handled by the Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney.
Follow the link for information regarding the Prosecutor’s Infraction Deferral Program.