ProjectDox (ePLANS)

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ProjectDox (ePLANS)- Electronic Plan Review

Online Portal - ProjectDox Login

Building Permits Board of Zoning Appeals Plan Commission

Getting Started:

  1. Submit an application via the Cityworks online Public Portal (see Permit Application or User Guides below).
  2. Wait to receive email from ""  with Invitation to ProjectDox and a login for the online portal.
  3. Upload plans into system and complete your Task in ProjectDox.
  4. DOCS will send out plans for review via ProjectDox to other departments/agencies using the system.
    • Please note that not all agencies are using ProjectDox and some still require paper plans.
    • Please see the TAC Members List for a directory of who is using ProjectDox (ePlans).

Submission Requirements:

  • Each page of your drawings will need to be uploaded to ProjectDox as a separate file.
  • Sheet pages should be numbered to keep your plans in order, with the sheet page number and description (examples: A000 – Cover; A001 – Wall Detail; P001 – Plumbing; E001 - Electrical). Complete list of title formats
  • Drawings should be uploaded in the landscape orientation.
  • Once you have uploaded your drawings, you must click the “Workflow Portals” button, then the “Applicant Upload Task” line, and follow the instructions to complete the task.
    *Our office will not receive your plans unless this step is completed!
  • If revisions are required, you will need to make corrections and upload the requested pages with the same file name as was originally submitted.