Kid’s Corner Videos

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In Spring of 2020, the Media Relations Team put together a series of educational videos to entertain kids while at home during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

These videos cover a variety of topics from fire safety to exercise.

Kid’s Corner 1

Join Firefighters Tim and Renee as they show off a firefighter's gear! This is the first mini show from CFD in their new "Kids Corner".

Kid’s Corner 2

Today we're checking out the ambulance, and a few of the life saving tools it carries. This video is geared at those 2-6 year olds, but anyone can learn something! Enjoy.

Kid’s Corner 3

Today we get moving with Firefighter Steve! Follow along as our firefighters guide you through a short heart pumping workout!

Kid’s Corner 4

Follow along as Firefighter Mark shows us around the fire engine! Hoses, chain saws, levers and knobs! Follow along as he shows you the basics of what we carry on the fire engine!

Kid’s Corner 5

Today is pretty quiet around the fire station, so Firefighter Travis is going to give you a quick tour of the station. You'll notice there's a lot of things in the fire house that are similar to what you might find around your house!

Kid’s Corner 7

Follow along as this weeks Kid's Corner features our fire dogs Kasey and Kali, with a special appearance from Karmel the pup! Be sure to follow @thekaseyprogram for Kasey updates!

Kid’s Corner 8

Almost all our trucks are red! Carmel Fire has one truck that we share with the police however that's blue! Follow Firefighter Sean as he shows you the Carmel Command Truck!

Kid’s Corner 9

Grab your parent approved drawing supplies and settle in with Firefighter Tim as he shows you how to draw Sparky!

Kid’s Corner 10

Reading with Riley! We found one of our newest firefighters in the Captain's Office reading his favorite book! He agreed to read it to YOU!

Kid’s Corner 11

Remember when your school was still in session? Well our newest recruits are still going to school and learning how to do all the things they'll need to become firefighters! In this episode of Kid's Corner we tour the Firefighter School!

Kid’s Corner 12

CFD's Kid's Corner #12. Last time on the Kid's Corner you toured our "firefighter school", and today we'll show you some of the training our recruits are doing every day! Working out, medical, fire, and more!

Kid’s Corner 13

It's another Sunday book reading as part of the Kid's Corner video series! Firefighter Zeller must have picked this book because being in quarantine is very similar to being stuck in a chrysalis! A what? That's right, sit down and learn about a chrysalis with the coolest voice on the CFD.

Kid’s Corner 14

CFD's Kid's Corner #14. There's red ones and yellow ones, tall ones and short ones, but they all give us water when we need it! Join Firefighter Kyle and Crew as they show you how a firefighter gets water from the hydrant to the truck!

Kid’s Corner 15

Firefighter Dan shows us Ladder 341! This truck has TWO drivers, one for the front and one for the rear. Ladder 341 also carries a bunch of tools and other things our firefighters need on the scene of accidents and fires!

Kid’s Corner Outtakes

We'd like to thank our host Firefighter Tim, and all the guest firefighters who stood in to teach us about lots of firehouse things! Special thanks to our planning, filming, directing, editing, PIO and social media teams who pumped these things out over the last couple months. Each of these videos required lots of filming. Many takes and plenty of edits were needed since we're firefighters, not actors! We figured we'd post just a few of the outtakes. Enjoy.