Restaurant/Automotive FOG

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Guide for FOG Facilities (Restaurants or Automotive Maintenance)

What FOG facilities Need to Know about Grease Removal Devices. (GRD)

RestaurantFOG1Device Requirements
All food service establishments or other industrial or commercial enterprises shall provide grease removal devices (GRD) when, in the opinion of Carmel Utilities, they are necessary to prevent excessive amounts of FOG from entering the sewer system.

FOG facilities must register and enroll in our online GRD pump out reporting system to support our fats, oils, and grease (FOG) program. Confirming your business details via the website below is required to stay in compliance with the City's Sewer Use Ordinance.

Complete the short form at:

Following this initial registration you will receive an email invitation with a unique web link to your business’s FOG profile. Save this unique web link to favorites on your device.

At this point you should add any pump-out details that are missing from your profile. Then select your service provider (if participating) to perform the grease removal device cleaning upload on your behalf moving forward.

Please be aware that even if you choose to have your service provider upload your pump-out information to the system, it is still the responsibility of the FOG facility to ensure that all pump-outs and supporting document(s) are properly uploaded to the system within the required time frame. They also must be operating in compliance with the Sewer Use Ordinance.

All grease interceptor pump out information shall be submitted digitally. No mail, email and or fax submissions will be accepted by Carmel Utilities.

This improved tracking system will help FOG facilities improve their compliance. This also helps Carmel Utilities prevent sanitary sewer overflows and blockages by reducing overall FOG discharges from FOG facilities and increasing compliance accuracy.

Please reach out to or (619) 304-6022

The Grease Removal Device must be cleaned and serviced regularly. Accumulation of floatable and/or settled waste shall not exceed 25% of the total volume of Grease Removal Device unless otherwise recommended by the device manufacturer.

Carmel Utilities must be notified before the installation or removal of any Grease Removal Device, and before any modifications to plumbing that may affect the operation of such device. Based upon review of all relevant information, Carmel Utilities may require repair, modification, or replacement of the Grease Removal Device.

The required Grease Removal Device must be sized and configured according to common engineering standards and approved by Carmel Utilities prior to installation.
  Please see Guide for Developers/Contractors/Builders for more information.