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How to Request Public Records from the City of Carmel, Indiana

You can generally request the record via telephone, mail, or in person at the city attorney's office. Be sure to describe the record as specifically as possible so the city attorney can identify the particular record that you are seeking. We reccomend that your requests be written, using the form provided below.  If you need help please contact the city attorney's office

The city attorney will respond to you as soon as possible. The city attorney's response may simply acknowledge your request or may inform you how and when it intends to produce the records. However, Carmel City Code does not specify a timeframe in which the city attorney must produce the records once it has received your request. The city attorney must only produce the records in a reasonable period of time.

Once the city attorney produces the records, you may either inspect them or have them copied. Agencies cannot charge you if you only want to inspect the records, but they may charge copying fees. The city attorney may charge up to $.10 per page, or may only charge the actual costs of copying. the city attorney cannot charge fees for labor, overhead costs, searching, or review. Note that the law only applies to existing documents. The law does not require a records-keeper to create a record in response to your request.

As mentioned before If you need help please contact the city attorney's office

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