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City of Carmel Emergency Information FAQs


Q: Why issue a restriction on travel?

A: The Mayor does not have the authority under state law to shut businesses down, but he does have the legal authority to restrict travel during a declared disaster emergency. We are using this tool to encourage the public to be good neighbors and asking everyone to use common sense and not go out if you don’t have to. It is the Mayor’s intent to limit the spread of the coronavirus (“COVID-19”)so that our community stays safe and we do not overburden our health care system.

Q: Why are bars and restaurants shut to dine-in customers?

A: Governor Holcomb ordered the shutdown of all bars, restaurants and nightclubs, except for carry-out, drive-thru, and delivery services,  in order to curtail the spread of COVID-19. Also included in his Executive Orders is a restriction on public gatherings of more than 10 people and a directive to practice “social distancing” by maintaining a 6-foot separation between people. This is the recommendation of health professionals who have determined that limiting social interaction is an effective way to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Q: Is going to a Hair Salons considered essential travel

A: No, traveling to hair salons or barbers is not considered “essential” travel

Q: Can I take my pet to the Vet?

A: Only for emergencies. If the visit if for a regular check-up or grooming, then it should be rescheduled. If your pet is sick, then that would be an emergency.

Q: Will there be road blocks or will I be stopped if I am driving through Carmel?

A: No. This Emergency Declaration is intended to encourage people to stay home. The Carmel Police will address complaints as they receive them and will enforce this temporary law.

Q: How long will the Emergency Declaration be in effect?

A: This Emergency Declaration will, in accordance with Indiana law, remain in effect until it is withdrawn by the Mayor.

Q: Are Drivers’ Ed classes exempt from the Emergency Declaration allowing for only essential driving?

A: Drivers’ Ed classes are operating as a private school, so if they continue to operate it would seem as if they are in violation of the Governor’s mandate for schools to close.

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