Public Art Sculptures

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Night Art

The city of Carmel has made a commitment to the arts and uses its artistic and cultural attractions as one of its powerful economic development tools. Studies have shown that an average attendee at an arts performance spends many times what an attendee at a sports event spends in local restaurants and other retailers. The neighboring city of Indianapolis decided long ago to focus on sports as it main economic development tool.

By using the arts as an economic development tool, Carmel does not compete with Indianapolis for sports, but complements the overall amenities of the region by providing a strong arts and culture component. In addition to the Center for the Performing Arts and its resident companies, the community’s has a robust public arts component as part of its overall arts initiatives.- This includes statues in its Arts & Design District, in its roundabouts and spread across other areas of the city. Among them, we have a large collection of J. Seward Johnson statutes. Carmel is home to the largest collection of Seward Johnson sculptures outside of the artist’s home state of New Jersey. Most of the city’s statues by Seward Johnson are from the “Celebrating the Familiar” collection, which depicts realistic moments from daily life. Carmel statues features scenes from the 1970’s.

It is important for the community as a whole to have access to art from around the world, regardless of a person’s income level. Carmel’s public art provides visual diversity to engage and inspire those who live, work or visit and enhances their experience while spending time here.

We hope you enjoy learning more about our public art sculptures here. Please check back often to check on updated content.