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BFC_SilverLeague of American Bicyclists

Carmel is recognized as a SilverLevel Bicycle Friendly City by the League of American Bicyclists.

In addition to the Monon Greenway, many of Carmel’s streets offer bike paths and the City has worked hard to incorporate trails and paths in many of the new developments.

PfB_City_Ratings_LogoPeople for Bikes

The organization known as People for Bikes (PfB) has been rating cities in North America, with data driven metrics, for the last four years. In 2021, PfB changed their ranking system and began including cities from around the world. The PfB ranking system was updated to reflect the weighted difference in the Network Connectivity and Community scoring. For more details on how the new rating system works, click here to read this article.

In 2021, Carmel, a midsize city (50k to 300k) per PfB’s ranking system, had an overall score of 55 which ranked us 14th out of 342 cities (96th percentile) from around the world and 52nd out of 767 cities (96th percentile) of all sizes from around the world. As stated earlier, the Network Connectivity score made up 80 percent of our score.

Here is the breakdown for Carmel:

  • Network Score: (Makes up 80 percent of the overall score)
  • Neighborhoods: (Access to parts of the city where people live)
     55 out of 100
  • Opportunity: (Access to jobs and schools)
     50 out of 100
  • Essential Services: (Access to places that serve basic needs, like hospitals, grocery stores, etc.)
     40 out of 100
  • Recreation: (Access to recreational amenities likes parks and trails)
     79 out of 100
  • Retail: (Access to major shopping centers)
     56 out of 100

Link to PfB’s Network Map

The Community score is based on PfB survey responses from community members. In a survey conducted in 2020, Carmel residents submitted more than 200 survey responses which was a 380 percent increase over 2019, and close to the number of surveys that cities from the “Large Cities” category often receive.

When reviewing these scores, it is important to note a couple of things: One, even though the City’s Network Connectivity score is extremely high, our ridership numbers are still lower than similar-sized cities. Two, when it comes to bicycling and bicycling infrastructure, people’s perception of safety is similar regardless of city of residence. While our citizens are more aware of local bicycle resources, Bike Carmel continues to find ways to better communicate about our cycling programs and safety statistics and keep our residents are also familiar with our bicycle network.

Below you will find a breakdown of Carmel’s Community score:

  • Community Score: (The average community score for all cities was 48)
  • Awareness: (How familiar people are with local biking resources and their city & efforts to improve bicycling)
     61 out of 100
  • Network: (How well a city & bike network connects people to places they want to go)
     58 out of 100
  • Ridership: (How often people ride bikes in their city for transportation and recreation)
     56 out of 100
  • Safety: (How safe people feel riding a bike in their city)
     40 out of 100

Cyclists with helmets at Monon and MainMonon Greenway

The Monon Greenway runs from 96th Street to Westfield, IN. Formerly the Monon Railroad, this popular trail serves walkers, joggers, runners, bicyclists, rollerbladers and nature enthusiasts. Carmel maintains the 5.2 mile portion that resides within its borders. The Monon Greenway is a “rails to trails” project.

Free parking, restrooms and water are available at the trailheads located at 1430 East 96th Street and 1201 Rohrer Road.
Free parking is also available at One Civic Square and the Monon Depot lot.
Please visit for more information about the Monon Greenway

CAB circle logoCarmel Access Bikeway (CAB)

In 2008, the City unveiled the Carmel Access Bikeways, a network of bike routes and loops to be implemented on the City’s existing local streets and multiuse paths. With commuters, recreational riders and families in mind, this system has been designed to identify existing streets and multiuse paths which will best serve to move cyclists around Carmel

The Carmel Access Bikeway includes eight cross-city bike routes and five bike loops. The bike routes consist of two east-west bound routes and six north-south routes. The routes are intended for longer trips and will provide access to various destinations throughout Carmel as well as links to neighboring communities. The bike loops will guide their users to the same point at which they started, passing some of Carmel’s best amenities along the way. Each loop, geared toward casual riders, will offer its own unique riding experience to cyclists by highlighting different areas within Carmel.