Statement Regarding RFRA

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Mayor's Advisory Commission on Human Relations Statement Regarding RFRA

The Carmel Mayor’s Advisory Commission on Human Relations believes that all people should be treated equally and fairly under the law, including the LGBT community. As Carmel citizens and Hoosiers we value diversity and inclusion and call on the Indiana state legislature to make clear that no individual or entity will be allowed to discriminate against another on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identification.

The Commission notes that the Mayor of Carmel issued a written Executive Order in 2009 prohibiting discrimination in City employment on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identification.
The mission of the Mayor's Advisory Commission on Human Relations is to help our community acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of all its citizens. The Commission recognizes the importance of full civic participation free from prejudice, intolerance or bigotry and remains vigilant to issues that demonstrate a lack of sensitivity to civil rights issues. Carmel is a diverse community that welcomes and embraces its diversity. Carmel is, and will remain, a community where all people are welcome without regard to their race, religion, nationality, ancestry, gender, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity. We continually strive to build and strengthen the ties that join our community and reject any effort that would permit or condone discrimination of any sort.

We encourage all citizens of Carmel to participate in a public exchange of ideas and to share their beliefs with our legislators in a respectful manner.
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